De Soto, Kansas Masonic Lodge No. 40, A.F. & A.M.
33075 West 83rd Street, De Soto, Kansas



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The Column is Broken. The Book is Unsoiled. The Lady Weeps. Only Time Comforts Her. The Flowing Sands of the Hourglass Have Run Out.

The roll of the workmen has been called, and these Master Masons have not answered to their names.


Clyde Sanders
Willie J. Thrasher


Holly A. Noteman
Ernest J. Steinman

William Morris "K.C." De Boever, Jr.
J. Jack Clark
Barry Roger Thierer
Donald E. Newton
Herbert "Herb" Wood
Lowell "Ray" Wake
Donnie R. Allen
Luke A. Pell

Jess Johnson
Alvin Gene Smith
Carlos E. “Buddy” Merchant
John L. Johnson
John Arthur Hall, Sr.
John J. Pfahler

Harold H. Hoffine
Leonard L. Hieber
Jim Cannon
Troy E. Armstrong
Ernest H. Winders, Jr.
Kenneth L. Sims
Russell L. Plummer

Dale Henry Rose
             Stephen Archie "Steve" Prudden
Charles S. Oswalt

Robert Eugene Reddick, Sr.

 Robert O. Watchous
Don E. Westheffer
Merle G. Couch


The Grand Architect of the Universe has called our Brothers to the Celestial Lodge above.


Only a true Mason will learn the meaning of the SYMBOLS that have been LOST to most men.  If you are interested in becoming a Mason or just learning more about the Masons, click the link below.